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For all video conferencing enquiries and booking information please contact us by filling out your booking request. If you would like to speak to one of our support staff.

Hours Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm
Telephone: Ext 3388 / +64 3 364 3388


How do I book a room?

You can book a video conferencing room on campus by filling out the form under the bookings page of this website section

Is video conferencing available outside of normal operation hours?

Due to the current staff numbers, we cannot guarantee that a staff will be able to assist outside the normal operating hours and days. Please ask us if you do have a requirement outside of these hours and we will do our best to see if assistance is possible.

Is Skype supported?

Although Skype is not a preferred solution for video conferencing on campus, we recognise that many people still use this application. We have one room on campus (Psychology 164) that allows large scale skype sessions. If you are requiring assistance on setting up Skype or what type of webcam and headset to purchase, please feel free to contact us.

Are there Video Bridging Services available to use?

Yes, the University of Canterbury is subscribed to use KAREN Video Conferencing Services (KVCS). This is a central video conferencing bridge that can handle up to 60 concurrent High Definition connections across multiple meetings. It also is the system that bridges Scopia Desktop connections to enable desktop users to connect to meetings on the bridge easily.

  • Examples of when you would need to use a Video Bridge would be:
  • Connecting lots of video conferencing sites up together in one meeting
  • To provide better interoperability if you are having problems linking up two sites point to point
  • Connecting in users who want to connect using Scopia Desktop Connecting in telephone participants who would like to join in

To learn more information on KVCS and how to register to use it, please visit:

Is video conferencing free on campus for staff to use?

All publically bookable rooms are free for University staff to use. If you are using desktop software to video conference then you may be charged for the internet traffic you use.